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Jack and the Fantastical Circus (Audio Drama)

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Ariel & Michael Tyson
Mary Manning
Reading Level:
Early Readers (5-8)
Reading Level:
Picture & Board Books (0-5)
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Virtue? What’s that? And where can I find it?

On a trip to see his granddad, ten-year-old Jack falls asleep while his dad explains virtue. Suddenly he wakes up on a Circus Train! Led through each fantastical train car by the Ringleader, Reno, Jack comes face to face with a huge lion, flying flame torches, a silly juggler, daring tightrope walker, and other memorable circus performers who have spent years cultivating a particular virtue for their acts! Jack and the Fantastical Circus shows children that virtue is ultimately found inside of each and every one of us, but it takes practice and dedication to grow them for our different walks of life.

Authors Ariel and Michael Tyson explain, "Virtue is something within you, but it's like a muscle. You have to keep practicing it to help it grow strong. We want to teach kids this by showing them the distinct characters of the book and how they relate to areas where they may need to grow in their own lives."

Jack and the Fantastical Circus will encourage children to explore their imaginations, learn critical lessons, and strive for virtue in themselves. It should also inspire meaningful conversations between parents and children about the importance of virtue. 



Ariel and Michael E. Tyson IV have been married for 13 years. United by a shared passion for helping others, they have been serving their community since 2005. Along this journey they have gained over 550K Instagram followers and 1.8M TikTok followers. Ariel is a social media content creator, college counseling professor, and homeschooling mom. Michael is a graduate of Liberty University, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, and the Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary and has served as pastor for 15 years. The role that Ariel and Michael are most proud of, however, is their role as parents to their 7 children.


Mary Manning is an illustrator with over 16 years of experience. She has a knack for bringing the imaginary world to life and a particular interest and talent in character development. Her talents have led her to work on many children's books throughout her career. Mary currently lives in Oklahoma with her beloved dog, Cowboy.

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