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Holy Moleys

Meet the Mole Family Children!

Mikey and the Not-So-Awesome Possums
Mikey Mole is excited for a new year at school after the long summer break. But an unexpected opportunity to become friends with the "Awesome Possums" – along with some wise words from Grandpa Morty – teaches Mikey an important lesson about true friendship.

Molly and the Little Lipstick Lie
Finally, the big day has arrived – Recital Day – and Molly Mole wants to put on a show to remember. But after a few bad decisions, Molly's Recital Day becomes a day to forget. Until, that is, Mama Mole shares some wisdom and a piece of family history.

Marvin and the Explosive Experiment
Marvin Mole loves experiments. And he's pretty good at performing them, too. But when Marvin's confidence gets the best of him, it's time for some tough love, keen insight and a clever idea to make things right again.

Meet Kevin Gallagher

Kevin is an experienced storyteller, having produced and narrated more than 100 audiobooks - specializing in Christian and children's works. The three Good & True books in the Holy Moleys series are his first published books as an author.

On a sunny London Saturday in May 2009, while walking down the sidewalk, Kevin accidentally photo-bombed a fellow tourist named Eliana. He married her 18 months later and today they are blessed with two beautiful children: Hannah Sofia, 5, and Isaac Declan, 2. (Seriously)

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What Will My Child Learn From These Stories?

"No matter what you do, remember the light above you."

Every single day is filled with challenges, temptations, mistakes and missteps. But these difficulties also present beautiful opportunities for the Christian family to turn to God, and to grow together in virtue. Just as Mikey, Molly and Marvin find insight and guidance from their loving family, so too will Holy Moleys readers learn that they can always turn to their own families for wise counsel. And just as the Mole children learn that "the light above" them – their halo – is there to offer guidance when they need it most, Holy Moleys readers will learn "no matter what you do" to "remember the light above you" through prayerful conversation with God.

Sneak Peeks

Who are the Holy Moleys?

Meet the Mole family! Mikey, Molly and Marvin Mole are middle school siblings stumbling their way through the trials of life. Throughout their misadventures, the troublesome trio learn powerful lessons about virtue and right living. With the family prayer as their touchstone – "No matter what you do, remember the light above you." – the Mole children receive insightful glimpses into the state of their own spiritual life, through the physical appearance and antics of their haloes.

Buoyed by the loving support of Papa, Mama, grandpa Morty, and even baby Mover, the Mole children learn bit-by-bit how to live the life that God desires for all of us. With lessons in honesty, loyalty, humility, obedience, responsibility and more, children will learn to value and build their own character right alongside the Holy Moleys.

Brought to life through fun and engaging stories, Kevin Gallagher has created a world full of relatable characters – characters that serve as models for the spiritual development of boys and girls throughout the formative years of early and middle childhood.

Early Reader Story Books
Practical, Humorous, Spiritual
Perfect for Ages 4 - 9


My hope is that at least a few children out there find new heroes in Mikey, Molly and Marvin. Heroes who are not perfect, but who always strive to be better. Heroes that Moms and Dads can entrust their kids' imaginations with. And that "no matter what you do" we all can always "remember the light above you."

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