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The American Dream of Braven Young

Why did he have to work late again? I know, I know. He has to work. He has to help Save America...

During this exciting and spirited tour of our nation’s capital, readers are introduced to Braven Young, a ten year old boy who just wants to play catch with his dad. But his dad is always busy working to “save America” whatever that means. While waiting up to see his dad, Braven falls asleep and dreams about having the time of his life in Washington D.C.. Finally, he is free to do whatever he wants with the National Mall as his playground! However, things quickly start getting out of hand and Braven realizes that with great freedom comes responsibility. As Braven’s American Dream begins to spiral out of control, he starts looking for the one person that can help him…his dad.

Meet Brooke Raybould

Brooke Raybould lives in Washington D.C. with her husband Ryan and their 4 boys. She received her Bachelors Degree from The University of Southern California and her MBA from Georgetown University. Despite her many achievements, this chapter of her life as a “mama” is her favorite one yet! For nearly 5 years, Brooke has been documenting and sharing her joy-filled journey through marriage and motherhood with what has grown to be 200,000 followers on her Instagram page, @thesouthernishmama. The American Dream of Braven Young is her first book.

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An Adventurous Journey to Define Freedom

While waiting up to see his busy politician dad, Braven dreams about being completely free in Washington D.C. but as his American dream begins to spiral out of control, he starts looking for the one person that can help him...his dad.

What is the Message of this Book?

By unpacking the true meaning of freedom, The American Dream of Braven Young is an excellent introduction to the American values for young children. Notable historical figures such as Abraham Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Martin King Luther Jr., and George Washington are introduced to readers and incorporated into the story in a fun and engaging way. These figures interact with Braven and help him to define freedom a bit more clearly!

This book also emphasizes the relationship between a son and father. In Braven’s story, his father plays a critical role in raising him. It is through helping his dad that Braven discovers that it takes a lot of hard work and practice to develop a virtue like responsibility. Luckily, Braven knows that his dad will be there to help him every step along the way.

Sneak Peeks

A Perfect Introduction to American Values
Imaginative, Adventurous, Engaging
Memorable Storyline and Lessons


"My hope in writing this book is that young children and families can learn about and celebrate American values. While America is not perfect, it is an extraordinary place and stands for ideals that can serve as building blocks to a meaningful life!"

Meet the Illustrator

Juan Manuel Moreno

Juan is originally from Buenos Aires. As a young boy, he was always drawn to creating images. His first “job” was to color his newborn brother’s head in bright felt pens. He spent most of his childhood years living in the countryside and cultivating his passion for painting. After studying graphic design, he lectured at the university and worked as an in-house illustrator for different studios with clients ranging from Warner, Disney, Conspiracy and Scholastic. In 2003, Juan and his wife, Patricia decided to travel the Americas and ended up living in different countries. In 2006, they finally crossed the pond and decided to stay in Barcelona, where he started a career as a freelance illustrator.

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