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Jack & the Fantastical Circus

Virtue? What’s that? And where can I find it?

On a trip to see his granddad, ten year old Jack falls asleep while his dad explains virtue. Suddenly he wakes up on a Circus Train! Led through each fantastical train car by the Ringleader, Reno, Jack comes face to face with a huge lion, flying flame torches, a silly juggler, daring tightrope walker and other memorable circus performers who have spent years cultivating a particular virtue for their acts! Jack and the Fantastical Circus shows children that virtue takes practice and dedication to grow them for our different walks of life.

Meet Ariel & Michael Tyson


Ariel & Michael Tyson live in Bozeman, Montana with their seven children! Michael is a pastor at their church and Ariel runs the kids choir. They are also speakers who travel to spread God's word. Ariel has amassed a following of over 550,000 people on Instagram and over 1.8 million followers on TikTok, giving mothers inspiration rooted in a devout Christianity.

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A Modern-Day Fairy Tale to Find Virtue

Jack is a ten year old boy who wants to be just like his granddad who according to his dad is the most virtuous person he knows. But what does virtuous mean? What is virtue? Jack is about to find out as he boards the Virtue Circus Train! In this vivid dreamscape, Jack meets each circus performer and learns that virtue is something that helps one grow into the person they need to be. The lion tamer must have courage just as the trapeze artist must have faith and the juggler must have focus.

What is the Message of this Book?

Perfect for younger children who don’t quite grasp the concept of virtue yet, Jack and the Fantastical Circus easily explains multiple virtues through each circus performer’s personification of them. As shown through vibrant illustrations, readers will encounter the virtues of courage, commitment, faith, focus, patience, and kindness, and how each of them takes dedication and practice to form.

Above all this book is the story of the relationship between a son and father. Many modern day books have the father character as a bumbling, comic relief role, but the father plays a critical role in raising children. Jack learns that it will take a lot of hard work and practice to develop virtue, but he knows that his dad is there to help him every step along the way.

Sneak Peeks

A Perfect Introduction to Virtue
Imaginative, Purposeful, Colorful
Memorable Characters & Lessons


Our hope for this book is to show that virtue is like a muscle. You have to keep practicing to help it grow strong. We want to teach kids this by showing them the distinct characters of the book and how they relate to areas where they may want to grow in their own lives

Meet the Illustrator

Mary Manning

Mary Manning is a professional artist who lives in Oklahoma. When she is not painting she is playing with her cats and enjoying a nice long hike out in nature.

Illustrating Jack and the Fantastical Circus she hoped to capture the fun and whimsicalness of the circus performers.

For more examples of Mary's art you can visit her portfolio at:

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Our Social Cause

A portion of sales from this book will go our Corporate charity, Project Sweet Peas. Project Sweet Peas is a 501(c)3 national non-profit organization coordinated by volunteers, who through personal experience have become passionate about providing support to families of premature or sick infants and to those who have been affected by pregnancy and infant loss.

Project Sweet Peas acknowledges the importance of parental involvement in caregiving and decision-making in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), and seeks to promote family-centered care (FCC) competencies in hospitals nationwide. Care packages, hospital events, peer-to-peer support, financial aid, educational materials, and other Project Sweet Peas services, support the cultural, spiritual, emotional, and financial needs of families as they endure life in the NICU.

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