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Our Mission

Good & True Media is dedicated to providing parents with wholesome content for their children. We create stories with a traditional Christian worldview that cultivate wonder in children so that they can pursue the virtuous life. We aim to be the positive influence parents need when entrusting their children to media.


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Our Christian Identity

If you are like us, you just want to raise your kids the best you can. It is clear to us that modern media is trying to dismantle traditional values. In doing so they are undermining the family and the Christian worldview we share. Good & True will always stand on Christian principles, uphold the dignity of the family and point our customers toward unchanging truths - one book at a time. 

Meet Our Authors!

Sarah Molitor

Author of "I Grew With You"


Ariel & Michael Tyson

Jack and the Fantastical Circus

@arielctyson and @michaeletysoniv

Sarah Murdock

Author of "Wonderfully June"


Morgan Dabney

Author of "Growing Up With Patience"


Casey Wiegand

Book Title TBD


Kristen Schroder

Author of "Sunday Morning Chaos"


BB Gallagher

Author of the 'Virtue Adventures' and the 'Poetic Primers'


Brooke Raybould

Author of "The American Dream of Braven Young"


Sena Nelson

Book Title TBD


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