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The Bible Crate (Annual Subscription)

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NOTE: The October Shipment window is closed. Your payment today is for your first Bible Crate, which will ship November 1st. Subsequent payments will be charged on the 1st day of each month beginning December 1st, at the standard monthly rate selected. Cancel at anytime. Currently available only to customers residing in the continental United States. This is an Annual Subscription. To sign up for a monthly payment plan, purchase the Monthly Subscription here.

Give Your Child the Epic Experience of the Bible!

Do you ever wish your child learned more about our Christian faith in school? At church? Or, maybe, even at home? With all the schoolwork, extracurricular activities and family commitments, it can be hard for kids to get excited to learn about Jesus. Well, not anymore.

The Bible Crate is a monthly subscription box that takes your child on the epic journey from Creation all the way to the Ascension in a just a single year! With easy-to-read Biblical tales written in an immersive storytelling format, activities, crafts and multimedia that bring scripture to life like never before, the Bible Crate is perfect for igniting your child's imagination. The Bible Crate makes scripture's most important lessons FUN to learn about, while delivering thoughtful tools and questions specially-designed to open doors for deeper discussion. You'll see the joy on their face every time the Bible Crate arrives on your doorstep.

The Bible Crate is perfect for children grades K-5 and comes with up to three child packs so larger families can enjoy it at an affordable cost! It's also a non-denominational subscription box that doesn't use any specific translation of the Bible, leaving the theology up to Mom and Dad! Try it monthly and cancel at anytime, or subscribe annually and save!

The Bible Crate Contains...

    • Adventure Guide
      The Adventure Guide is written and designed for a range of ages, with entries to help adults guide their Young Elementary children, and entries for Older Elementary children to guide themselves. Each Adventure Guide includes four lessons that follow our unique Read, Play, Grow, Pray model.

    • Audio Dramas of Each Bible Story
      In each Adventure Guide is a simple scannable QR Code that gives access to the audio dramas of each story! The narration is accompanied by full sound effects that immerse your child in the story. You won't believe your ears when you hear the elephants boarding the Ark! Listen to a clip below and hear for yourself!
    • Activity Book
      Full of fun activities, coloring pages, recipes, mazes, crosswords, word searches and more, your child's Activity Book is meant to be used. Tear the pages out. Hang them on the refrigerator. Share them with siblings and friends. But, most of all, have fun learning about the Bible.

    • Craft & Activity Supplies
      Short of a little bit glue here or tape there, each Bible Crate includes all of the custom supplies you will need in order to execute the activities and crafts needed for that month's Bible stories. No need to buy another 1,000-pack of paper plates at the store, or use 15 more rolls of toilet paper just to complete a fun craft. We've got you covered.

    • Collectible Bible Trading Cards
      With each monthly Bible Crate box, your child will receive beautifully designed trading cards featuring original artwork to help them remember the powerful people, places and lessons they learn from scripture. Collect them all!

    • Intention Card
      The Bible Crate wouldn't be a truly Christian program without prayer. Each monthly Bible Crate includes a new Intention Card for your child to fill out, reminding them to pray for someone or something throughout their month of reading, playing, growing and...praying.

    • Adventure Passport
      Keep track of your child's Biblical journey with this fun Adventure Passport. Each monthly Bible Crate will include stickers featuring the Biblical locations visited that month for your child to place inside their Adventure Passport.

    • And So Much More!
      Each monthly Bible Crate is based on a new set of Biblical stories. So the materials you receive in each box will be unique to the stories covered that in that month's box! Far too many to list them all here.



READ, PLAY, GROW, PRAY: A Model for Life & Learning

    • READ: Your child's lesson will begin with an original retelling of a major Bible story, written in a style that brings the characters, locations and events to life in your child's imagination. On top of that, your Crate includes a QR code to an audio drama edition of the story featuring music, sound effects and character voices so your child can read along as they listen.

    • PLAY: Time for some fun! Here, your child gets to commit their reading to memory with hands-on crafts, coloring pages, skit scripts, and snack recipes (and so much more) that all relate back to the stories they have just learned.

    • GROW: After each Lesson, your child will be given the opportunity to reflect and either discuss or write their reflections as part of their Bible Crate Growth Journal. This also functions as a great, age-appropriate way to help your children memorize their favorite Bible passages.

    • PRAY: Each month, your child will be prompted to pray for a specific intention throughout the month of reading, activities, discussion and journaling. The monthly prayer intention card will help your child frame their intention within the context of the lessons learned that month!

Optional Add-On Activity Packs

Unlike other box subscriptions and craft providers, if you have more than one child at home, you can subscribe for additional child activity packs so that up to three kids per Bible Crate subscription can enjoy each month's Bible Crate together! For just a few dollars more per month, you can add a second or third child to your subscription. For family's with 4 or more children, you'll need to purchase a second subscription. We just can't fit so much great material inside one box!

Make your family's year a year with the Bible - with all the fantastic lessons and activities found in the Bible Crate! And your child will continue their adventure through the Bible after year one with more Bible Crates covering different stories and characters from the Bible!

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Planning Ahead?
See the Lesson Schedule for the first year of the Bible Crate!



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